Getting disoriented with Filipino

I MAY be the only one, but I better let it out: I have serious problems with the way the Filipino language is evolving, at least in its written form.

Probably because when I was in elementary and high school, our Pilipino subject then (largely based on Tagalog) was much simpler. In fact, because of this, my written Bikol is of the tagalized variety and is more akin to how Frank Peñones writes in Bikol, both of us being from the Rinconada-speaking area of the province. In fact, when I go home to Pili during weekends, Rinconada Bikol is our language of choice.

But a sea-change has overwhelmed the Filipino language as it is now written, most evident from posts by Irvin Sto. Tomas which appears in the Planet Naga aggregator of local blogs. I have nothing against Irvin, who I don’t know from Adam; it’s just I am truly, madly, deeply disoriented with the Filipino orthography that he uses. Dr. Flor Aureus, the Filipino supervisor of the Naga schools division, confirmed that it is in line with official policy issued by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) sometime in 2001.

So I googled the commission and it led me to this wiki and Joe Padre, a blogger who posted key documents relative to this revolution. This article from the UST Varsitarian confirms the confusion that the 2001 policy spawned.

If you are as puzzled as I am, I hope you will find time to check these out, and correct me if I am wrong: 1) this is another imposition from Imperial Manila with very little input from the regions; and 2) I strongly doubt it will ever encourage reading Filipino among our people in its written or printed form.


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